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“As my Recovery Coach, Millie has given me the final thing I needed in recovering: hope. For me she has been a constant reminder that I am capable of reaching a point where I live a fulfilling life without an eating disorder. When I was in the grips of Anorexia the thing I felt most was alone. It felt as though I was the only person in the world to suffer the way I had. Having someone with lived experience to share my thoughts and feelings with has been invaluable.


No longer do I feel as if I am destined to exist with Anorexia until it inevitably kills me. I finally feel heard and it is only with Millie’s coaching that I have managed to reach this point in my recovery.


Millie has been a guiding light for me and I have no doubt that I would not be here today if it weren’t for her. It is a privilege to have a Recovery Coach and it is an opportunity I would urge anyone living with an eating disorder to take.”


Maddy - Australia

“Working with Millie was been the best decision regarding my recovery that I ever could have made. I had a constant 24/7 supporter and cheerleader who was so full of warmth, love and hope. To have someone who had lived through what I was going through to guide me was truly powerful.


After living with Anorexia Nervosa for 10 years Millie was the best form of professional support I have ever received. I had spent those years in and out of enforced hospital admissions where I saw no hope or desire to get ‘well’. Millie was like an older sister, full of wisdom through lived experience and overflowing with kindness. She met me where I was at in my recovery and would always call me out on any nonsense that my eating disorder would let me think/verbalise.


I owe Millie so much of my current happiness; I NEVER thought getting to where I am today would be a possibility. I had given up, been defeated and traumatised over and over again. Today, I have autonomy, confidence and so much hope for my future. Millie is a literal godsend and I couldn’t be more grateful for her.”


Sarah - Australia

“After years of therapy that only ever helped me reach a certain point in recovery, I am so grateful to now have Millie coaching me through this challenging process. Millie’s own lived experience and inspiring full recovery has given her compassionate insight into eating disorders that one cannot learn merely from books. With her support and motivation I am regularly surprising myself and those around me with my recovery progress and have garnered a more positive and powerful attitude. After years of hopelessness, Millie has helped me to see that I too am capable of a bright recovery and future.”


Brianna - Australia

“I have no words that could ever express the level of thanks you deserve for all that you've done. For others but also on a very personal note for me directly. Your work quite literally changed my life. What you do is invaluable.

What you do is genuine and authentic and that is not just refreshing but lifesaving amidst all the "protocol" and "red tape" of what can come to characterise a life in recovery.”


Bonnie - Australia

“To have somebody who is able to relate to your daily struggle and be on hand at all times of the day is invaluable. Millie was that for me, she helped me find the hope I needed to survive and supported me each day in all of the challenges that eating disorder recovery would throw at me, from choosing my foods, to choosing my outfit. To have somebody that truly understood the daily and nightly struggle made such a difference and without it I would have not been able to fully recover from my life threatening 16 year battle with Anorexia Nervosa.”


Callie Ann - Australia

“I was always gently but firmly encouraged by Millie during our sessions, and even though this was at times uncomfortable, I knew deep down it was for my own good and that she cared about me. She wanted the real me to increasingly shine through. Millie always fully respected me and constantly reminded me that many of my thoughts and beliefs were directly related to the eating disorder – and that my eating disorder wasn't actually me!”


Elizabeth - New Zealand

“The time and effort Millie has put into my recovery is unsurpassed. She has contributed to my recovery and supported me beyond any professional or multidisciplinary team which I believe is through her sincere love and care with her own experience and understanding. Millie has shown me there is an end to my eating disorder and that it is much better than what I am currently living with. I have never met someone so dedicated to and passionate about their work and I think that is what makes Millie have such an impact on so many people.”


Katelyn - Australia

Millie came into my life at a time where I had lost all hope. I had been going through what felt like never ending cycles for almost a decade. I came to a place where I felt that I had tried everything, that I was a lost cause and that I was never going to be able to get to a life of freedom. Millie proved to me that I was wrong, that there is always hope. Millie has shown me endless love and care, has never given up on me and has helped me through each obstacle that has been thrown my way.

Also, Millie and I live in two different countries; while she lives in Australia, I live in New Zealand and even from across the ocean, she has been there for me always. She constantly reminds me of facts when my eating disorder is screaming, suggests skills and activities that she knows will help me alleviate my anxiety, supports and encourages me around meal times and always gives me the reassurance that I need. Millie holds no judgement and always provides a listening ear and a safe space for me to speak about my thoughts and how I’m feeling.


Through her own struggles, lived experience and full recovery, she has a deeper understanding of what going through an eating disorder is like and how much of a battle recovery is, but also how worth it recovery is. Before I met Millie, I got to a point where I did not believe that I could fully recover, I was giving up, but she has shown me that it truly is possible, that I am not alone and that I deserve a life free from an ED. Words could never express how grateful to her I am for walking, jumping, dodging, fighting and dancing alongside me on this journey to freedom. She is such a bright light and I’ll forever be thankful for her.

Taylor - New Zealand

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